Born of ‘Indian By Rights’ are based on ‘Lineysha Care India’ CSR which is claimed to pay of social responsibilities for every human.

To take responsibility for himself and his family Mr. Rahul Dayal ‘managing worker co- Care Taker ' of Lineysha Care India’ has built a professional organization on the holy site and working palace of Honorable ‘Mother Teresa’, this place is religious and historical sites of India called West Bengal with the name of his first daughter ‘Lineysha Dayal’ after his ten years designing, manufacturing of garment and garment export career with full of ups and downs. This organization is doing housekeeping and facility management.

Basis of great experience of it; Workers involved in this methodology and government policy with its goodness and imperfections of it, the important part of this business is the garbage genesis and the garbage disposal, along with on the basis of experience gained from visits of the several states of the country for professional responsibilities. Family structure, circumstances and personal lives of many bitter experiences where the lack of money and accurate information result lost loved ones and faced the reality of life, Mr. Rahul Dayal promised himself that he will use his experiences to give happiness in others life has started with the name of younger daughter ‘Indiana Dayal’ a Non-governmental organizations named ‘Indian By Rights’ a positive thought.