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Welcome to lineysha care india !

R. A. I. L. Dayal Group feels pleasure to introduce our Venture LINEYSHA CARE INDIA in the field of Civil & Interior, Facility Management, Housekeeping and Security services all over INDIA like Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Patna, Assam, Orissa, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Tripura.

Healthy thinking needs healthy body and healthy body need hygienic stay at their Home and places where people spend their valuable time like Car, Offices, Malls, and Restaurants, bus, Train, Aeroplane and Hotels. Well designed with Neat and clean place gives satisfaction and comfort whether person can think bigger and give productivity on their work. So it is our privilege to understand your needs and requirements in the area of expertise and fulfill your expectations of a high standard world class service. LINEYSHA CARE INDIA helps to build all these areas


Lineysha Care India...we deliver facility as your door step.

We have successfully develop the concept of Civil, Interior, maintenance and cleaning technique that offers comprehensive solutions of civil & interior work, facility and housekeeping issues that’s why we made different team for different activities. According to the demand from residential segment like Flat / House / Villas; even Corporate, Interior decorators or construction company where one time work is required, people are searching quality work by professionals. To fulfill them desired all kind of services... Lineysha Care India will give complete solutions on civil, interior, Cleaning, Facility Management and Security under one platform... as required by them.

OUR TEAM – Headed by Interior Decorator, Hotel Management & Fashion Designer Professionals with the expertise of 12-15 yrs in the House keeping field having experience with Hotel, Hospital, Mall, IT sector, construction company ,Residence etc. We have different setup for each activity managed by team leaders, which have 5-7 yrs of working experience; under them 20-25 no of skilled work force and able to arrange work force based on the project , those who run the activity and build your dream project whether you stay or work, whether you can live healthy...!


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Option of healthy living who have a right to a better air to breath in, better ground to stapes on and all around a hassle free better environment to live in. that's why we say Live Healthy....!

Archana Dayal